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Its been a while since my last post cuz i cant find anything suitable to bla on.

Finally found something worthwhile though haha. A few weeks before A2, I took the plunge and forked out rm2xx for my first master grade gundam - Gundam Unicorn, version katoki.
Since its my first MG, i did not bother with painting / sanding down / airbrushing / shadowing those pakar pakar gundam usually do. Instead, the only thing i did was to spray a layer of matt top coat to get rid of its plasticky looks. Short cut direct from repainting the whole set. I think its not so advisable to paint the whole thing white again since its probably gonna waste paint only, and I have to break down the whole unit again to separate it from the white and pinkish parts. No panel-lining was done either since the whole unit has "natural" panel lines. Now pictures !
All the plastic runners and their parts, A nerve wrecking 486 parts if i have not mistaken =="
The box and apparatus, u can c the toolkit at the blue pouch there ==

Just some poses
A comparison between the unicorn and the 00. unicorn makes the 00 look like a dwarf lol.
One thing nice about the unicorn is that it can transform between its "unicorn" and "destructor" modes. The unicorn mode makes the whole unit become white in colour, while the destructor mode unveils the red psychoframe beneath. Truly a marvelous work of art and engineering. Here u can c the leg in both destructor and unicorn modes. Notice the change in length.

The building of the cockpit. There is even a miniature figure of the pilot, guess that comes with all MG sets.
Me and da "circle of parts". haha Cheerio. Special thanks to Daniel for lending me his cam !

Pretty bored after AS, but had this extra class the after everyone went home =.="
Had to go somewhere after the last exam, went to midvalley after many many delays of taxis.
Come to think of it, at first wanted go bukit bintang, then oni knew shawn and all goin dhana's house. Then waited till 2.30 wanted go wang utama, but the sohai aunty taxi couldnt find my number to contact me saying her taxi broke down and it couldnt be fixed. Then waited for sham....
from 3 oclock...
he delayed to 3.30...
then after a few more "10 minit lagi" to 3.45...
Finally =.=" 4 oclock he came

wait wait i'm not finished yet

with a van FULL of ppl wanting to go somewhere, telling us that he already contacted a fren that will come pick us up in 20 mins time. =.="

As if we will wait for this so called fren of his to come, anyways we just called saba and he took us to ktm to go midvalley. =.="

At midvalley, we were super hungry, wong wanted to go this sushi restaurant he saw on TV, me and kelvin just followed, cheng, due to flight time reasons, had to go jalan alone =.=" sorry cheng.
After some 45 mins of walking to gardens and midvalley and gardens again... we found a "Sushi Zanmai"

Bill was RM146.10 =.=" for the three of us. Believe me it was the best sushi i've eaten. Back to midvalley.. Watched angels and demons, (ok lah) and before that, bought a gundam model i always wanted to build. wakaka
Itsa Gundam 00 + Raiser 00. Note there is actually a plane merged with the gundam at his back. (imagine a gundam lugging a plane to school lolx) and its head and shoulders will light up with a greenish glow (once i get the batteries installed). Impressive huh. Its a Master Grade model, and took me 6 hrs to build, 2 hrs to stick stickers and.. i still havent finish sticking them stickers =.=" The size of the stickers are just =.=""""""(1.5mm x 3mm) just to remove it from the sticker paper is a hell of a job.But it was worth it la, many joints and the joints were sturdy enough for me to get enough poses for it. But i still lack the model stand to support it in the air. (sadly). Price ? lolx
To my apartment mates who are reading this, first of all, thank u for coming, and the apartment door is fixed, courtesy of me not locking the door when i sleep just so the repairman can come and fix the doors =.=".

Next day went to airport, and alot problems lah
Van ticket was at 11, i went down 11, no van =.="
I saw the whiteboard there write one person go lcct nia, i ma go ask admin where the hell is ajib =.="
they said ajib already sent the "one" person go lcct liao
=.=" =.=" =.="
after alot of phoning, turns out two of us memang got the tickets to go de, but the clerk abit loose one screw, write as 1 person go. Ajib finds one, Ajib goes =.="""" and i get to stay behind in ktt

Kinda kesian ajib nids to turn around to ktt lolx.
Anyway at the airport, flight's delayed from 325 to 340
the person at the gate mention for those sitting from row 1 to row 12 to go forward, I sitting row 17 ma wait lo
1 to 12 already in the plane liao, when oni they wan announce 13 to 24 go up the plane har ?
mana tau, suddenly the ppl who pluck the tickets off your boarding pass suddenly see no one come liao, they also close the gate =.=" (I repeat, close the gate to the plane)

I still stuck in the airport, ppl in the plane liao =.=""""

Ran up to them and they had to open the gates for me again. LOL. But i was not the oni one la.
Cham nia stupid airasia delay them tickets. Turns out the rest of the people waiting at my gate were not for my flight de, is for next flight but also at gate one de. Those that shud board my flight early early already go up =.=" Till next time lulz

In Japan, if you are a girl and your brains fail :

If you got looks and voice = singer
If you got looks and acting skills = actor
If you got voice but no looks = seiyuu
If you got looks but no talent = (i forgot... should start wif a 'p')

If you got no looks and no talent... you GG

Life is too hard is it not ?
TOo many things to say, yet those cant be said
Too many things to do, yet even if Time gave herself to me, I doubt I would have the heart to do it.
We stay so close to each other, yet the centimeters of ground separating our desks and beds seem like lightyears of distance.
Is there something that binds our mouths shut
Does the chance to redeem all this and let it start over again exist ?
Probably ? maybe ? but with less than a year to go, probably not.
Better not think to much liao lo.....

Er ok this pic is kinda brings a laugh or two. There was this one time at a monorail station kat somewhere along bukit bintang area ( was that petaling street ?). Anyways we were to exit the monorail at that station. Remember the little booths that we have to go past after exiting the train ? The machine at the side will collect the tickets de. So back to this one time, wong went out prematurely ( there was another booth further down that will take us direct to petaling street de, but this guy kinda tambai, wanted to go out early, so went out too suddenly till we had to ask him to come back to our side. So happened, there was a white and red "ribbon" hanging above and below wad we all believed to be thin air, wong ducked to go pass the thin air which was between the two "ribbons" and crawled straight into ? (ya, correct answer would be glass) After a massive "thud" which probably earthshakered some of wong's poor neurons to death and a couple of wakakakas, woohoohoohoo, wahahahas later with poor wong looking lost whether to laugh or frown, we managed to find our way to petaling street.
House cat
Ktt cat behind cafe
Cib : Barney hehe i'm gonna sleep wif u tonite
Daniel : eeeeee
Joel : Arrgh F@#K u bitch
(probably wad they would have said anyways =.="")


3 stooges at night, not wearing pants, dare strip in ktt badminton court ? (pants pulled up lolx)
wong with imba air ionizer + fan combo
Daniel's razer (wad model forgot liao) courtesy of jpa $$$
GTA (Great teacher Aileen) more effective than our current maths lec lolx

Random student house pics

Well, bra fitting session, somehow somemore nid to feel the fit =.="

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